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Photography Services

World-Class Photography at a place of your convenience

Here are some of our services you will love to be a part of :

Product Photography

Photographs are essential to marketing a product. And one cannot compromise on the quality of the picture as a bad picture can lose the potential sale value. At New Flash Studio, we have excellent photographers who can capture the fine essence of the product without diluting its value. So, here is every reason why you should engage your product in photoshoots and get an enriching visibility for the brand.

Corporate Photography

Photographers are a must for company events and parties. We cover the events professionally, leaving no space for mistakes. Our skilful team members prepare themselves according to the type of program they cover and choose angles and sides carefully. Photographs highlighting relevant discussions and talks are prudently covered.

Maternity Photography

Celebrate one of the most beautiful experiences of becoming a mother, with us. We will pamper you with radiance, hues, lights and a joyful time and include the family to bring out the best moments of the day. With time, this day might get lost. But photographs remain. The precision of our clicks will just capture that warm moment, you will go back to, every time you see our photographs. So, don’t shy away from happiness, embrace it with a photoshoot at a place which suits you the best.

New Born baby Photography

Hip Hip Hurray, let’s welcome the little one with lots of love and warmth. Let’s click some amazing photos and capture the memories. Let’s frame them and keep them safe to show these adorable pictures when kids grow up. There are a lot of emotions attached to a new born baby photoshoot. It’s about the cuteness, the clothes, the cuddles. And we promise to make it flawless for you. Don’t wait for a better day, contact us and fulfil the baby-photoshoot dream with just a call.

Food Photography

If you own a restaurant, bakery or bar, make sure you have the best photographs to go with it. It is seen that people get tempted to try out food photographed with its flavour and colour intact. That’s why owners give a lot of importance to food photography now. It attracts the taste buds to the picture, and urges them to try the dish or dessert soon after they see it. If you have taken food photography lightly, not any more. Make a quick call to us so that we can arrange the palette and make you experience a sumptuous treat of food photography.

Pre-wedding Photography

Hustling and bustling with energy, pre-wedding times are an occasion for family get togethers and fun. With hectic schedules, one may miss out on some of the events before the wedding and it’s where photos can make a difference. Besides, you also get a chance to take so many family photographs. Couples enjoy pre-wedding shoots as it brings them closer. Also, they choose various places like café, beach, library etc. to take pictures. It adds uniqueness to their albums.

Wedding Photography

It’s the big day and we specifically know how to make it ‘extra special’ for you and your family. We cover the function with grace and present you an array of pictures you will simply come to love. With years of expertise in Wedding photography, this is an occasion we don’t want to miss. It is tough to get the real emotions in photography as only the best photographers can get the ‘split second’ right. So, don’t miss out on the frames but choose us to cover every event related to wedding and the wedding At New Flash, we look forward to being a part of your milestones and accomplishments. And our commitment and passion to photography will bring you closer to us.

Candid Photography

Pose or not to pose. Popular with people today, there is no posing, direction or timeline to Candid shoots. It is left to the photographer to click at the right minute and get the photo right. A skilled photographer will play on the button naturally and click on the way. It is fun, interesting and inspiring and it’s often said that some of the best photographs are the ones taken in a natural setting with poses and glimpses.